Marie Claire Outrage

Read Fausta on the Marie Claire story, “Mecca Stars,” which was posted at Debbie Schlussel’s site last week.

The print on the photo reads

Where else can you get your sheik on with the hot new accessories but in the desert wonderland of Dubai?

The “desert wonderland of Dubai” they talk about is “Dubai and its shopping”, which is fully itemized on page 139. Apparently there are only 45 malls in Dubai, so I’ll stay in New Jersey, thank you. And keep the sheik off me, please.

The model in the above photo wears a “Silver mask, price upon request, from Victor and Rolf.”

Considering how Islam tells men to beat their wives into submission, it’s hardly surprising that the first page of the spread highlights an S&M item.

The rest of the photos feature several extremely thin young women (a polygamist’s wives?) wearing a lot of make-up, huge sunglasses and expensive accessories, not unlike the first woman I saw wearing the veil at Harrods almost thirty years ago. Unlike the woman I saw at Harrods, their black clothes are from-fitting. On one page they even wear Chanel jackets on top of them, which had me wondering what the Saudi religious police would do, considering that they would have school girls burn to death rather than allow them to leave a burning building unveiled.

The photo spread shows the glamour of eating a burger under your veil at McDonald’s. Irony? Humor? Of just good ole cluelessness on Marie Claire’s part?
Update: Debbie Schlussel’s post that goes into the Marie Claire piece in detail (and includes tons of pictures from the spread) also includes past instances from Marie Claire which, in my opinion, make it clear this is not just cluelessness on their part. This is propaganda.

Update II: I revised the original post above to include a link to the Debbie Schlussel post from last week.

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