Longer Than WWII

Ya gotta love Macranger. He has the perfect response to the media celebration (at least that is what it looked like to me on the morning “news” show I was watching) over the news that the conflict in Iraq has last longer than WWII.

First, WWII would have went on a lot longer if we hadn’t nuked Japan. I guess that would be a solution, we could nuke Syria, Iran, North Korea, France, the offices of the Daily Kos and perhaps that might stop the war.

(Hat tip: Larwyn.) One thing I didn’t see in the report I watched was even one comment about the number of casualties in Iraq compared to those in WWII. Since Iraq has been going on for longer now, surely there have been more casualties, right? Everyone knows the anwer to that one and that is why the media will not talk about it. This war is taking a long time because of the way we have chosen to fight it, and not even once have I heard a Hiroshima style solution on the table, so what the heck is the point of those in the media making the comparisons? But we all know the answer to that one, too, don’t we?

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