Good Theocracy, Bad Theocracy

Charles Johnson, the proprietor of the (in)famous “weblog” Little Green Footballs, must routinely defend himself against the slings and arrows of outrageous calumny. His useful cobbling together of press reports that demonstrate the dubious actions of Islamists is often portrayed as nothing more than a steady campaign of Islamophobia.

Johnson and his allies charge that scores of Muslims pine for an American caliphate; they implicitly urge the West to abandon mealy-mouthed multiculturalism for a strong stand against Islamic fascism. They site outrageous chutzpah–if you will–on the part of these radicals: Attempts to legalize Muslim “honor killings” in the West; pushes to promote Sharia law in Europe; &c.

To many of our friends on the political Left, this all smacks of anti-Muslim bigotry. Now, it is certainly reasonable to be concerned about anti-Muslim animus in the United States (although, interestingly enough, one sees far more signs of it in purportedly cosmopolitan Europe). But we, the crack young staff of “The Hatemonger’s Quarterly,” often feel as if this supposed lefty regard for Muslim fears is driven less by compassion than by a sentiment you might call “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

After all, in order to conclude that Johnson and fellow anti-Islamist “webloggers” aren’t on to something, you must ignore all kinds of horrific actions and statements on the part of prominent Muslims. Anti-Semitism, of course, is rife in the Muslim community, and chalking this all up to the pesky existence of Israel is as pathetic as deeming Islamophobia a reasonable reaction to 9/11.

Still, many of our friends on the Left seem willing to ignore these matters and give the Islamists the benefit of the doubt. They’re powerless people, they opine. Sure, they say some scary things, but they’re entirely harmless.

We find this stance peculiar. After all, the same folks who go to great lengths to defend the likes of CAIR, the Muslim Council of Britain, and other dubious organizations are often the most vociferous castigators of the American Christian Right.

Just examine the titles of books on this topic. One ineluctably sees things such as American Theocracy, American Fascism, and the like. For some reason, the people who are so sanguine about Islamist intentions are paranoid about the Christian Right’s. If you ask us, this is positively bizarre.

After all, the Christian Right–whether you agree with its proponents or not–essentially engages in a restorative project. Its spokespeople want to return to the ban on abortion in this country. Its promoters hope homosexual marriage will remain illegal, as it now is in the US. In essence, the Christian Right is reactionary, not radical.

Yet many of our lefty pals see the Christian Right as an army of modern-day Nazis. They’ll excuse the most alarming radicalism on the part of Islamists but paint Christian nervousness about stem-cell research as tantamount to the second coming of Hitler.

The Islamists who pine for an American caliphate and Sharia law are harmless, benighted fellows deserving our sympathy and aid. The Christians who don’t hunger for gay adoption are fascists who must be stopped at all costs.

Strange, huh?

(The crack young staff normally “weblog” over at “The Hatemonger’s Quarterly,” where they are currently picturing Ken Livingstone in a burqa.)

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