Wizbang Tech Christmas PS3 Giveaway

** Updated **


Did that grab your attention?

I thought so…

Wizbang Tech has a PS3 and we’re giving it away. In case you hadn’t noticed all the PS3’s are gone and they’re selling on eBay for $2,500, so if you were looking for one to leave under the Christmas tree we may be your last chance…

It’s our biggest Christmas giveaway ever at Wizbang and it’s under way now. To find out what you need to do to enter visit Wizbang Tech. The first assignment has been announced and you’ve got less than 24 hours to complete it to qualify for the first finalist spot.

You’ll need to keep checking in at Wizbang Tech each day for new ways to enter. There will be a new assignment issued each day, the completion of which will qualify your entry. We’re picking a finalist each day until the big giveaway December 15, 2006, since we want the winner to have it under their Christmas tree.

Keep checking Wizbang Tech daily, and get your entries in before the word gets out about the contest…

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  1. Baggi November 21, 2006
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