When life hands you juiced-up lemons…

I’m no sports fan, but even I have come to admire Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling. Apart from his achievements on the mound, he’s quite a hell of a guy off the field.

A bit over a year ago, an anonymous Boston-area benefactor personally “adopted” a family of nine Katrina victims. They were flown up and put up in a hotel, all expenses paid for by their benefactor. It was later revealed that it was Schilling and his wife, who were a bit put out that their anonymity had been violated.

Schilling is also a big fund-raiser for the fight against ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s Disease. He has his own charity — Curt’s Pitch For ALS — that’s raised a LOT of money for the cause.

Last year, Schilling was subpoenaed to testify before Congress about the use — rather, abuse — of steroids and other drugs in baseball. Schilling had been a very vocal opponent of them, and Congress wanted to hear from someone who had, apparently, seen it up close.

After his testimony, Schilling had another idea for raising money for ALS. He took his official Congressional subpoena — which bore his signature acknowledging that he had been served — and put it up for auction. It went for over $2,000.

Well, the buyer has decided to put it up for sale again. This time, the proceeds won’t go to charity, but where else can you find a single piece of memorabilia that is historically significant in both the worlds of sports and politics?

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