You can lead a horticulture…

The latest Hub hubbub is concerning the public-transit system. It seems that the “T” has been selling advertising space on trains, and one of the buyers has been Rockstar Video Games — the maker of the best-selling (but highly violent) Grand Theft Auto games. Critics say that the “T” should not be advertising a game where players can, if they choose, have sex with prostitutes — and even kill them afterwards.

So, just how bad is this? Well, the Boston Herald decided to get it straight from the whore’s horse’s mouth.

They contacted some Boston-area prostitutes (“Honey, I swear, it was for work!”) and asked them their opinion of the game. One was appalled, but another was devoted to the game and thought it — and the ads rocked.

Leave it to the Herald to find THAT angle on the story…

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