Fox Nixes O.J. Book Deal and Special

Fox has put a stop to the O.J. “If I Did It” book and television interview.

News Corp., the parent company of book publisher HarperCollins and the FOX network, has canceled publication of the O.J. Simpson book and television special “If I Did It.”

“I and senior management agree with the American public that this was an ill-considered project,” said Rupert Murdoch, News Corp. chairman. “We are sorry for any pain that this has caused the families of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson.”

A dozen FOX affiliates had already said they would not air the two-part sweeps month special, planned for next week before the book’s publication.

In the book, the one-time football superstar tells how he would have killed his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman if, in fact, he had done it.

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