A Conservative Version of The Daily Show

I think this is a great idea. In fact, I suggested something similar back when Dennis Miller’s show got cancelled. This version does not include Miller, sadly, but sounds like it is worth a look.

Fox News Channel might air two episodes of a “Daily Show”-like program with a decidedly nonliberal bent on Saturday nights in late January, with the possibility that it could become a weekly show for the channel.

The half-hour show is executive produced by “24’s” Joel Surnow and Manny Cota and creator Ned Rice, who previously wrote for “Politically Incorrect” and “Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson” through This Just In Prods. It would take aim at what Surnow calls “the sacred cows of the left” that don’t get made as much fun of by other comedy shows.

“It’s a satirical news format that would play more to the Fox News audience than the Michael Moore channel,” Surnow said. “It would tip more right as ‘The Daily Show’ tips left.”

The show was pitched as “This Just In” when it first got life as a 20-minute pilot presentation for Fox Broadcasting Co.’s late-night division. But when that network passed, Surnow said it attracted the attention of Fox News Channel chief Roger Ailes.The article goes on to report that it would not be a partisan show, but would also poke fun of anyone on the right who deserves it. Unfortunately, they won’t have any trouble finding those deserving of ridicule on the right these days.

Update: Here is one of those things worth ridiculing Republicans for — business as usual.

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