Non-Political Holiday Stuff for the Weekend

A couple I know has written a lovely children’s book based on their love for the “Down East” area of coastal North Carolina. The name of the book is “The Story of Two-Toed Sam or How the Outer Banks Were Formed.” My six year old, who loves to read, highly recommends it. I plan on purchasing several copies, both for my kids and to give as Christmas gifts.

Some blogger named Kim has another children’s book idea for little Buckeyes, and, just in time for the holidays, has posted a link to some advice for parents regarding the effects of video games on kids.

For anyone looking for a really (and I mean REALLY) easy treat either to serve or give as a holiday gift, try these. For those wanting to tackle something more challenging, The Anchoress has a cake recipe that sounds yummy.

Laura Lee Donoho has a really cool turkey cutout for Thanksgiving.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Update: Some fun Thanksgiving tips from Laura at Ace of Spades.

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