Buckeyes Win!

The Buckeyes defeated the Wolverines 42-39. Although the first five minutes made me nervous because Michigan scored a touchdown with their first possession of the ball, it was a really good game with lots of excitement. The game was hard fought, but the outcome was as expected: the Bucks won.

From the AP:

Troy Smith and Ohio State did it all, overwhelming Michigan with offense, winning the Big Ten title and streaking into the national title game. The Wolverines may have another shot at the Buckeyes though _ they, too, can still make it to the BCS title game in Arizona.

Smith and the top-ranked Buckeyes put their dazzling speed on display with a barrage of big plays, and they needed every one of them to beat an inspired Michigan team, 42-39 on Saturday. The Game of the Century, the first 1 vs. 2 matchup in this storied rivalry, was played a day after Michigan lost one of its legends in Bo Schembechler.

There’s a lot of talk about Troy Smith being a real contender for the Heisman trophy.

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