Those pesky Jews

You know, I think that the world would be a much tidier and peaceful place if it wasn’t for those annoying Jews. Especially the ones in Israel.

For example, this morning’s Boston Globe has an editorial about poor, beknighted Lebanon. The country has been used and abused over the years, treated as a vassal state by Syria and used as a proxy by both Syria and Iran against Israel. The local franchise of the Syrian/Iranian axis, Hezbollah, has fecklessly and fearlessly launched attack after attack against Israel, then run and hid to leave the Lebanese to face the inevitable reprisals. The members of the government trying to get out from under the Syrians’ and Iranians’ thumbs has had troubles, too — every single time they think they’re making progress towards independence, Israel goes and launches a counterstrike and knocks it all topsy-turvy, and the Lebanese people find themselves having to side with either the Israelis dropping bombs on their territory or the foreign-inspired and led terrorists who started the fighting. It’s a vicious cycle, and there seems to be no escape for the Lebanese people as long as the Israelis keep hitting back. (See extended section for more thoughts on the Globe editorial.)

Then there’s OPEC. There’s news that an Israeli company, not content with all the other trouble and mischief they cause to the Arab world, is now threatening their bread and butter — the near-monopoly they have on oil. A. F. S. K. Hom Tov says it has developed a technique for extracting crude oil from oil shale.

This is nothing new, actually. We’ve known how to do that for years. Hom Tov’s big breakthrough is in the price. The last time I checked, extracted shale oil ran about a hundred bucks a barrel, or roughly 150% of current oil prices. Hom Tov says they can do it for $17/barrel, or one-quarter what oil runs lately. Even at double their estimates, countries with a lot of shale could still undercut OPEC prices by half. Countries like Canada and the United States — and Israel.

I find myself agreeing with a lot of Muslims — the world would be a much simpler place if we could somehow get rid of Israel and the Jews.

Simpler, yeah — but a hell of a lot worse.

I think the thing that really, really pisses me off is the appropriation of the “canary” metaphor for the Lebanese. For years, I’ve heard the theory that Jews are like canaries in coal mines — when it starts getting bad for Jews in a country or region, it’s going to be bad for everyone else soon. It’s an observation that’s tended to stand the test of time, and the notion of applying it to a country that’s allowed itself to become a base for attacks on Jews time and time again is more than a little repugnant.

But not that unexpected. To simultaneously deny the suffering of the Jews while accusing them of perpetrating the very same acts is one of anti-semitism’s oldest tricks. Witness how Iran simultaneously denies the historic fact of the Holocaust, while promising a new one. Or the constant Nazi imagery in anti-Israeli propaganda, where the Jews are seen as the Nazis. Or the… well you get the idea.

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