Republican House Leadership Races

The vote for the House Minority Leadership is taking place tomorrow. I sat in as many blogger conference calls as I could with the candidates, and after listening to them and their strategies on to win back the majority in 2008, I have made my decisions about who I think the House Republicans should vote for:

House Minority Leader: Congressman Mike Pence – He is articulate, passionate, and a conservative in the Ronald Reagan model of low taxes, small, unobtrusive government, and a strong defense. He knows how important it is to return to that model if we are going to win back the House in 2008.

House Minority Whip: Congressman John Shadegg – Congressman Shadegg is also a Ronald Reagan conservative. He and Congressman Pence will make a great team.

House Republican Conference Chairman: Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn – A Ronald Reagan conservative like Congressmen Pence and Shadegg, I like how Congresswoman Blackburn began the conference call by explaining how her experiences in sales & marketing and business ownership prior to her coming to Congress will serve her well in this position. Rather than starting off with the canned speech of how we need to get back to our conservative roots, which we definitely need to do, she got right down to business to communicate the information we needed about her qualifications. And communication is what this position is about.

As I side note, I really liked Congressman Dan Lungren as well. He communicated his vision for the future of the Republican Party succinctly and passionately.

These are the three people I think are best qualified to lead the House Republicans.

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