Holy pump jockey, Batman!

This morning’s Boston Herald has the news that two Boston-area imams (Muslim leaders) who have been arrested in an immigration scheme. It seems that they helped a bunch of other Muslims come to the United States as “religious workers,” but their holy calling led them to such places as gas stations, big-rig trucks, and factories.

While the potential for humor in this matter is tremendous (“Infidel! This Citgo station is the 583rd holiest place in all Islam! You will NOT desecrate it with your blasphemous ways!” “All I asked for was the key to the men’s room!”), this brings to light a very disturbing point: most of the 9/11 hijackers were here illegally, mostly either under fraudulent or expired visas. And here are another group of Muslims here under fraudulent means.

I used to think that the biggest perpetrators of fraud under the mask of religion were the cults like the Moonies and the Scientologists. Now I see that the exploitation of our religious freedom is moving into the larger, “mainstream” faiths.

I don’t think it is a good sign.

And the truly diabolical part of my mind wonders if the possibility of getting caught wasn’t factored into their plan — our prisons have been fertile grounds for recruiters for militant Islam.

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