Murtha Decries “Swiftboating” — Wants To Restore Integrity and Civility

I do not like the use of the word “swiftboating” because it is most often used by liberals and those in the media (I know, that is redundant) to refer to a coordinated vicious smear against a political opponent, rather than a coordinated effort to let the voters know the truth about a candidate, which is my definition. If Bruce Kesler is using the word it is okay though because I know exactly where he stands on the whole Swiftboat thing (and Bruce can do little wrong in my eyes anyway). Bruce writes that John Murtha believes he is being swiftboated. Working from my definition, that is a very good thing.

The MSM may have to reconsider its use of the term after John Murtha’s latest use of the term to distract from his trail.

“I thought we were above this type of swift-boating attack,” he said… “This is not how we restore integrity and civility to the United States Congress.”

John Fund punctures Murtha’s pompous posture with facts as surely as John O’Neill did John Kerry’s. This time, however, with so many of Murtha’s Congressional colleagues being witness to Murtha’s self-awarded earmarks, the MSM must pay closer attention and investigate than their purposeful ignoring of Kerry’s lies when exposed by his fellow Swiftees.
I can write the campaign ads in my head. First use Nancy Pelosi’s statement from the other day about what an ethical congress this will be, then throw in a few other Dem statements about restoring integrity and civility, then show a lineup of Murtha (maybe with a little Abscam footage) and Hastings and Jefferson, and those six or eight Democrat Senators Jack Abramoff is fingering for good measure. Just over a week after the election, the Dems have not even taken office yet, and there is already enough material to choke a horse from their statements of intention alone. When they start actually voting we will be deluged. As scary as these next two years might be, there should be plenty of entertainment value as well, and lots of fodder for blogging and for some pretty hard hitting campaign ads.

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