Where Were These Stories Before the Election?

As typical of the media for the last few election cycles, in the days after an election they run all sorts of stories they suppressed because they might have helped Republicans. The media ran thousands of stories about Iraq… all of them focusing on the negatives. But none looked at what might happen if the Dems won.

Suddenly -after the election- they look at the other side.

Democrats’ victory unnerves Baghdad

BAGHDAD — Across the capital Wednesday, Iraqis balanced their hopes against fears about how U.S. policy will change on the ground in the wake of the Democrats’ overwhelming victory in congressional elections and U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s sudden resignation.

Rasha Tariq, 23, a college student, said she found herself near tears when she awoke Wednesday morning to the news that the Democrats had won the House and were on the cusp of taking the Senate.

Tariq said she worries the Democrats’ victory will mark the beginning of a gradual U.S. pullout from Iraq and the disintegration of what little order is left on the dangerous streets of Baghdad.

“If it was up to the Democrats, we would still be living under Saddam’s tyranny,” Tariq said in an interview Wednesday in the Sadoun Street shopping district. “I’m afraid that this change is going to affect the American presence in Iraq. I don’t want them to leave.”

While understanding that U.S. involvement in Iraq will not be altered overnight, both politicians and pedestrians in Baghdad said Wednesday that they were sure the U.S. has reached a turning point in the war.

In other words, they know the Dems want to hang them out to dry.

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