Breaking: Al Qaeda Emboldened by Democrat Win

Al Qaeda has been revitalized by the Democrats’ majority in both houses of Congress:

DUBAI, Nov 10 (Reuters) – The leader of Iraq’s al Qaeda wing on Friday gloated over forcing outgoing U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to flee the Iraqi battlefield and said his group would not rest until it blew up the White House.

Abu Hamza al-Muhajir, also known as Abu Ayyub al-Masri, said in a purported audio recording posted on the Internet that the group has 12,000 armed fighters and 10,000 others waiting to be equipped to fight U.S. troops in Iraq.

“I swear by God we shall not rest from jihad until we … blow up the filthiest house known as the White House,” he said.

The Democrats’ victory at U.S. Congressional elections on Tuesday were a step in the right direction, the speaker said.

“I tell the lame duck (U.S. administration) do not rush to escape as did your defence minister … stay on the battleground,” the speaker said. “The American people have taken a step in the right path to come out of their predicament … they voted for a level of reason.”

The authenticity of the tape could not be verified.

“The (U.S.) enemy if now wobbly. Today they are loading their gear to flee,” the speaker said.

The American people who voted for the Democrats need to understand what they voted for. And it’s not just al Qaeda in Iraq that’s happy.

Let’s begin with Iran first:

TEHRAN (Reuters) – Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Friday called U.S. President George W. Bush’s defeat in congressional elections a victory for Iran.

Bush has accused Iran of trying to make a nuclear bomb, being a state sponsor of terrorism and stoking sectarian conflict in Iraq, all charges Tehran denies.

“This issue (the elections) is not a purely domestic issue for America, but it is the defeat of Bush’s hawkish policies in the world,” Khamenei said in remarks reported by Iran’s student news agency ISNA on Friday.

“Since Washington’s hostile and hawkish policies have always been against the Iranian nation, this defeat is actually an obvious victory for the Iranian nation.”

And this is what the leaders in Syria think:

Jerusalem ( – Iran and Syria say that a Democrat-controlled Congress and the resignation of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld could relieve the pressure on them, officials from those countries said.

Both Iran and Syria have been under pressure from the U.S. — Iran, for its refusal to abandon its nuclear program; and Syria for its alleged involvement in the murder of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.


[Syrian Information Minister Dr Mohsen] Bilal noted that incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi opposes the war in Iraq. “This lady has made the word of the American people audible,” he said. “And this is very comfortable.”

Syria, the backbone of Hezbollah, is comfortable with the American people’s decision? This isn’t good, folks.

Brian at Iowa Voice, who notes that Israel is very concerned about the new Democratic majority, writes this:

I said the other day that we’re in for two years of defeat and retreat, exactly like we saw in the wake of Vietnam. That sentence was quoted over at the uber-lib Daou Report as “hate speech” (since when is the truth considered hate?).

Modern-day Democrats (and to a large extent, the people who voted for them) need to crack open a history book and see just what America was like in the mid-1970s up until Reagan restored the pride and dignity of this country.

We were held hostage by oil exporting nations, seeing gas and energy prices go through the roof. You think this summer was bad? Just wait. We had gas lines. We had inflation in the double-digits. We had interest rates that make today’s credit cards look like a bargain. Unemployment was high. A recession. American citizens were held hostage for 444 days by a rogue nation that knew it had nothing to fear from the United States. The Soviet Union was screwing us on our disarmament treaties, were outbuilding and outspending us in the military department, and knew that we were too wounded to do a damn thing about it.

America, it was believed, was finished. That was the heyday of the Democratic Party. Those were the days of one-party government that led to real disaster. Democrats today complain about Republicans holding all the reigns, but they tend to forget that their party held all the branches far more often than we ever did, and they did far more damage to this country than Bush ever could.

To add more to this returning nightmare, we get word that Democrats have invited anti-Vietnam war activist and hero George McGovern back to help them do to Iraq what they did to Vietnam:

LINCOLN, Neb. – George McGovern, the former senator and Democratic presidential candidate, said Thursday that he will meet with more than 60 members of Congress next week to recommend a strategy to remove U.S. troops from Iraq by June.

If Democrats don’t take steps to end the war in Iraq soon, they won’t be in power very long, McGovern told reporters before a speech at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

“I think the Democratic leadership is wise enough to know that if they’re going to follow the message that election sent, they’re going to have to take steps to bring the war to a conclusion,” he said.

McGovern will present his recommendations before the Congressional Progressive Caucus, a 62-member group led by Reps. Lynn Woolsey and Barbara Lee.

“The best way to reduce this insurgency is to get the American forces out of there,” McGovern said. “That’s what’s driving this insurgency.”

And from what al Qaeda’s leader said in the new tape, the terrorists are planning on following our troops back home to finish the job.

By the way, Glenn Reynolds just received a book in the mail that argues that the threat of terrorism is overblown. As Glenn asks, “isn’t that what Larry Johnson was arguing in the summer of 2001?

And Jane Galt is already having buyer’s remorse because the Democrats want to socialize medicine? Boy does she have a rude awakening coming. She’s got a lot more to worry about than just socialized medicine.

Nathan at Church and State notes that the Dems are lying;

Democrats duped half the country into believing we should get out of Iraq. Now, they are singing, “Stay the course” praises:

President Jalal Talabani said Thursday that he had been assured by Democrat congressional leaders during a recent visit to Washington that they had no plans for a quick withdrawal of U.S. forces.

One of them (a Democrat leader) told me that any early withdrawal will be a catastrophe for the United States and the world,” Talabani, speaking from his northern hometown of Sulaimaniyah, told the Dubai-based Al-Jazeera satellite broadcaster.

This is so if they fail, while in power, they can simply blame Bush. Nice work, Dem’s. Start your majority off by being exposed as liars before and after the election. Talabani didn’t speak until after the election.

Update: Here’s video from Fox News courtesy of LGF:

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