Wrapping Up For the Night — Bush To Hold Press Conference Wednesday

President Bush will hold a press conference Wednesday at 1 p.m. ET, as Kim noted earlier. Anyone want to guess how many reporters will ask him whether or not he is going to fire Don Rumsfeld now?

I apologize for the very light blogging tonight. I am now back at the hotel. Between the excitement and commotion in the room, and some technical difficulties from time to time, it was hard to get much blogging done. The CNN people were extremely accomodating and pleasant. I have said it before, but will repeat again that Jacki Schechner and Abbi Tatton do an excellent job covering blogs and I don’t know why the other networks don’t cover blogs like CNN does. I will have more on that at a later time, but wanted to say that in spite of my problems with many other aspects of CNN’s reporting, I really do think they are getting it right when it comes to their blog coverage.

Now for the results…I agree with Alexander’s analysis, but would add that what is most striking to me is how many of the Democrat candidates ran as conservatives. John McCain said on Larry King that he believes America is still a conservative nation. He is right and that can be seen in how many Democrats that won did so by running as conservatives, and on some issues even ran to the right of their Republican opponents. Don’t forget too that Joe Lieberman ran to the right of his Democrat opponent.

Alot was made by those in the media of candidates running away from President Bush, but the big story was how many Democrats ran away from Nancy Pelosi and other liberal Democrats in the Congress. Just as Bill Clinton won by co-opting many Republican issues, Democrat candidates won this year by doing the same. What remains to be seen is whether or not they will vote in congress the same way they ran. If they don’t, what Mike Krempasky said tonight about Nancy Pelosi as speaker helping us win the White House in two years, most likely will come true.

Update: Rob Bluey has some thoughts on what will be remembered from this election, including the negative ads. He is also getting behind Mike Pence to restore fiscal discipline.

Update II: Greg Tinti’s “pick me up” video made me wonder how all those saying this election was all about Iraq, which I don’t dispute, explain how Lieberman won when his support of the mission in Iraq was the issue in his race.

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