Well, ain't this a fine kettle of fish…

So, my hunch was wrong. I said the Dems would make very modest gains in both Houses, and they did that and more. When my hunches are wrong, they don’t mess around with trifling little miscalculations.

To my surprise and a little disappointment, the Democrats have a majority in the House (the particular numbers haven’t come out yet), while the Senate remains undecided. The Republicans have 49 seats and the Democrats 47, with two independents and two still undetermined. Vermont’s Senator-Elect, Bernie Sanders, will undoubtedly caucus with the Democrats — he’s a declared Socialist, and voted pretty much in lockstep with the Democrats during his tenure in the House. In a delicious irony, if the last two races split between the two parties, the Democrats will find themselves having to coax and plead and beg Joe Lieberman to put behind their abandonment of him, their efforts to replace him with the darling of the NutRoots, and bring him back to the table.

On the other hand, with the defeat of Lincoln Chaffee in Rhode Island, the job of “liberal Republican from New England” is open…

Here in New Hampshire, we re-elected our Democratic governor by a nearly 3-to-1 ratio (with my vote), while it looks like we dumped both our Republican congressmen for Democrats. My argument that New Hampshire wasn’t much of a “blue state,” but more purplish, seems to be overtaken by events.

I’ll have more thoughts later, as I wake myself up and get more information, and take a little more time to think about things.

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