We Cannot Forget About Terrorism

When Nancy Pelosi was interviewed by Fox News today she made this comment about the war in Iraq:

The point is this isn’t a war to win. It’s a situation to be solved.

Children arguing about whose piece of cake is bigger is a situation to be solved. We’re talking about terrorists who want to kill us, including Hamas which just announced today that American interests should be attacked. Nancy Pelosi’s comments confirm for me, and I’m sure for many other Americans, that she and the rest of the Democratic leadership don’t have the slightest understanding of the terrorist threat we face. It’s reflective of the “law enforcement” mentality that so many Democrats, including Bill Clinton, have regarding terrorism. What they fail to accept is that the terrorists declared war on us years ago, and they aren’t going away until they win the war.

The rest of the world wants us to get out of Iraq and to stop conducting the war on terrorism, which is why they are cheering the Democrats’ win. They really want to get back to the life they had before 9/11 and they think that our being in Iraq and Afghanistan causes too much upheaval in the world. But the chaos that has gripped the world is not because of us; it’s because of the terrorists themselves.

I’m sure a lot of Americans want us to get back to the business of living without the fear of terrorism, as well. Not having been attacked in over five years causes us to want to turn our attention from the terrorists who live and breathe our destruction to other less scary things like social security and health care. Who doesn’t want that feeling of everything is right in the world again? I know I want that, too. However, pretending the threat does not exist any longer does not make it so. And this is how Nancy Pelosi’s comment that Iraq isn’t a war to win but a situation to be solved is a dangerous one. It helps Americans become more comfortable with forgetting about terrorism. It’s a way of getting people to think, “maybe President Bush is wrong; maybe there really isn’t a threat anymore.”

I’m very sorry to say this, but we simply cannot forget about terrorists or terrorism.

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