Saddam's New Strategy

He’s throwing himself on the mercy of the court – literally. Jim Hoft has the story:

The following is a translation by Haider Ajina from the Iraqi Buratha News of November 7, 2006:

Saddam collapses and asks for leniency and mercy from Judge.
By Muhsin Aljaberi

It seems that Saddam is using a new approach in dealing with the court. It reflects his desire for forgiveness for his crimes. This new approach only started after he was sentenced to hang for his crimes in Dujail. Sources in the high criminal court handling Saddam’s cases said that the dictator did not anticipate this verdict or the seriousness of the court.

Saddam believed the lies of his fellow Baathists media and propaganda (which was directed by his defense team under the leadership of Khalil Alnuaimi), which was saying that the USA wishes to negotiate with him and that Rumsfeld wished to reinstate him to stop the violence and other such lies. Thus the court’s sentencing him to hang came as a big shock to Saddam.

The media did not report his behavior since he reappeared, Saddam’s legs were shaking and he could not stand a number of times when called upon. The sources said that the video filmed for the court shows that the bailiff had to help him stand, and that he was wobbly once he stood up, and when he was spoken to he appeared bewildered and did not know what to say except invoking God’s mercy. As Saddam was escorted back to his cell he sends word to the judge Raauf asking for mercy and clemency. This information was confirmed by the court today.

Now that it has sunk in that he really is not the Iraqi president anymore and that the majority of Iraqis can’t wait to see him hang, he suddenly changes his tune. Interesting that he’s asking for the mercy he refused to show his victims. I have no sympathy for him.

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