Is it Really All About the Children, Nancy?

Speaker-elect Nancy Pelosi (ewww) said in her press conference today that the Democrat’s win is all about the children. However, her home district doesn’t seem to care that much for “the children.” Proposition 83, aka Jessica’s Law, was passed in California yesterday, without any help whatsoever from San Fransisco, Nancy Pelosi’s district, which was the only area in the entire state that did not pass it.


What’s that all about, Madam Speaker-Elect?

Hat tip: The Great Satan

Added: I would just like to clarify that I do not think this is Nancy Pelosi’s fault. Rather I think it says a whole lot about the folks who live in her district and who voted her into Congress. She talks about the Democrats’ win being about the children, yet the voters in her district had no interest in a bill that would severely punish molesters and predators who harm them. I wonder how she explains her constituents votes.

Update: Reader T. Price in San Francisco emails:

To go with your Nancy “For the Children” Pelosi theme… As someone who lives in San Francisco with a newborn, I can tell you it is a Herculean task – cost of living
notwithstanding. We were recently voted most kid-unfriendly city and our children
population is below 15% – lower than New York. And don’t get me started on the public
schools here.

“San Francisco Values:” living the dream and coming to the House!

Update II: Chuck Schumer just said this on O’Reilly in response to Bill’s statement that Nancy Pelosi can only be judged by her district:

She may vote her district, but she’s going to run the Democratic party in a way that’s pragmatic.

So, if a Senator or Congressman sponsors a bill like Jessica’s Law that’s federal in scope, does that mean that Nancy Pelosi would vote against it just as her district did?

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