House Results

Bumped and Updated Republican JD Hayworth, who was considered to be a shoe-in to keep his seat, loses to Democrat challenger Mitchell.


At this point the Dems have two pick ups in the House.

In Indiana CD 2, Fox is projecting Democrat Joe Donnelly over incumbent Chris Chocola.

In Kentucky CD3, Republican Ann Northup is projected to lose to Yarmuth.

Update: Florida CD 13: Rep. Buchanan defeats Dem. Jennings 51%-49%.

Update II: Joe Negron, via Mark Foley, is holding on in his race against Dem. Mahoney.

Update III: WV CD 1: Dem. Allan Mollohan will retain
Boldhis seat to the House in spite of his ethics problems. I guess his voters have a very high tolerance threshold for low ethics.

Update IV: Connecticut CD5 Rep Nancy Johnson is projected to lose to Dem Chris Murphy. This is another Dem House pickup. Brit says this may be a turning point. Let’s hope not.

So far the Dems have picked up 4 seats and they need 15 to take over the house. Fox’s Major Garrett is reporting that several senior Republicans strategists in the House are predicting, at least to him, that Republicans will lose anywhere from 22-30-something seats. They’re hoping that the losses are in the low 20’s – not in the high 30’s.

Update V: IN CD9: Rep incumbent Mike Sodrel will lose to Dem Barren Hill.

Update VI: PA CD7: Dem Joe Sestak will defeat Rep Curt Weldon.

Update VII: Ohio CD18: This is Bob Ney’s former seat. Dem Zach Space has defeated Rep Joy Padgett. This is another Dem pick up in Southeast Ohio. It’s a very beautiful and normally Republican area.

Update VIII: PA CD10Dem Don Sherwood has defeated Rep Sherwood, which was expected.

Update IX: Two more Dem pickups:

NY CD24: Dem Arcuri defeated Rep Meier.

NH CD2: Republican incumbent Charlie Bass has lost to Democrat Hodes.

Update X: IL CD14: Rep. Dennis Hastert holds onto his seat in his race against Dem. Laesch.

Update XI: Two more Democrat pick ups:

Arizona CD8: Dem. Giffords defeated Republican Graf.

Florida CD22: Republican Clay Shaw has lost to Democrat Ron Klein.

Update XII: Good news in New York. NY CD26: Republican Tom Reynolds defeats Democrat Davis.

Update XIII: Democrat Gillibrand has defeated Republican Incumbent Republican John Sweeney. The Republicans would have had to hold this seat if they had any chance of keeping the House. Unfortunately, they didn’t keep it.

Update XIV: TX CD22 Delay’s former seat: Democrat Nick Lampson has defeated Cynthia Sekula-Gibbs.

This means that the Democrats have won control of the House with this seat. As we have been warning for some time, this is what we will get with Democrat control of the House:

Far leftist Nancy Pelosi will probably be Speaker of the House, if the Dems keep her. Charles Rangel, who said there wasn’t one Bush tax cut that he liked, will be chairman of Ways and Means committee. Good bye tax cuts. Hellooo taxes. John “can’t wait to impeach President Bush” Conyers will be head of the Judiciary Committee. Henry Waxman who hasn’t seen a government investigation of a Republican that he hasn’t liked will be head of the Government Reform Committee. And get this: Alcee Hastings, impeached as a federal judge for bribery, will could end up as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee! Ugh!!

Update XV: NH CD1: Dem Shea-Porter has defeated Rep. Incumbent Bradley for another Dem House pickup.

Update XVI: Major Garrett is reporting that House Speaker-elect Nancy Pelosi (cringe as I write that) said that Democrats won’t pull spending for Iraq immediately, which means they will eventually. The House controls the purse-strings. The Democrats will do to the war in Iraq what they did to Vietnam: withhold funding and force us to cut and run. This is was Hassan Nasrallah, terrorist leader of Hezbollah predicted.

Update XVII: OH CD 15: Republican Deborah Pryce holds her seat and defeats Kilroy.

Update XVIII: FL CD16: Democrat challenger Mahoney is projected to defeat Joe Negron via Mark Foley by fewer that 3,000 votes. Seven percent of the precincts have yet to report.

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