A Conservative Nation

Last night I referred to a comment John McCain made after the results came in about him still believing this was a conservative nation. I agreed and pointed to the fact that so many of the Democrat candidates had to run as moderates and conservatives in order to win. I had a couple of readers question that statement by pointing to some liberal candidates that won. I responded by pointing out that on issues such as the deficit and immigration some Democrats actually ran to the right of their GOP opponents. Also it is notable that Joe Lieberman won so decisively by running to the right of the Democrat candidate Lamont on the war. If anyone doubts that Democrats won by successfully sounding like conservatives while effectively hiding their ultra-liberal leaders like Nancy Pelosi, just look at the picture below.

Photo by Alex Brandon, AP

There was another photo of Ford in front of the Confederate flag at the Little Rebel Bar and Grill which ran in the print version of USA Today on page 8A. (I couldn’t find it online and have to leave for the airport soon so I used the one above instead.) In the photo USA Today ran, Ford is giving the thumbs up sign in front of the flag. Ford told a story of God telling him to stop at the bar one day in spite of noticing all the Confederate flag stickers on trucks outside, and being greeted with a big hug.

I know that Ford was running in the South, and that he failed, but Democrats all over the country worked hard to moderate their campaign positions and actively sought candidates that could distance themselves from the national leadership, for instance by recruiting candidates with military backgrounds. The masquerade worked in most races, but now we will have to see if the masks come off as the liberal leadership takes control.

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