Breaking: WaPo Withdraws its Projection of a Cardin Win

Update: Allahpundit notes this:

Caveat: According to the Steele campaign:

Steele continues to overperform in Montgomery County. The precincts in PG left outstanding are more Republican and will move us up.

There are almost 200,000 absentee ballots – a record number – that have not been counted.

That’s why they’re not conceeding yet. It is mathematically possible for Steele to pull back in. It’s unlikely, but possible.

Alert! The Washington Post has withdrawn its prediction that Democrat Ben Cardin has defeated Republican Michael Steele in Maryland, and Michael Steele has refused to concede. Fox has flashed the numbers and currently, Steele is still ahead of Cardin 51% – 47% with 45% of the votes are in.

Cardin 494,527 52%
Steele 433,530 46%
Zeese 14,927 2%
Precincts:65% | Updated: 11:47 PM ET

Jim Geraghty at TKS is saying that well-connected Republicans don’t buy the Cardin over Steele projection:

They don’t buy the CNN and ABC call on Cardin. The early numbers have Steele up, and they have a lot of absentees that won’t get counted for a while. That’s based entirely on exit polls, which are wrong.

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