Some non-election news, Part II

Some good news, first: accused cop killer Michael “Stix” Addison has stopped fighting extradition and has been returned to Manchester, New Hampshire, where Officer Michael Briggs was shot and killed last month. If convicted, Stix could face the death penalty — our Attorney General has already done the paperwork for it.

And in Massachusetts, the president of a trucking company is in hot water over a cup of coffee. It seems that Mr. Kevin Thomas didn’t like the taxes on the cup o’ joe he was sold in a Dunkin Donuts, so he returned it. Quite enthusiastically — so enthusiastically, in fact, that the hurled coffee landed on the seventeen-year-old girl working behind the counter, burning her chest, ear, and shoulder. Mr. Thomas, I have to agree with you — in Massachusetts, they tax everything and too much. But don’t take it out on the girl behind the counter who probably makes less than half what you start your new hires at.

So, there’s your little escape from politics. Now, if you haven’t, go out and vote.

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