Some non-election news, Part I

OK, there have to be a few people besides me who are starving for something that is NOT election-related, so here are a few “odd news” stories that managed to squeeze past the political stuff.

On Cape Cod in Massachusetts, a guy is on trial for murdering a fashion writer. A college student was assigned by his professor to attend and observe the trial. When he showed up for court in shorts, the notoriously-rigid judge cited the student for contempt — and ordered him held in the same holding cell with the accused killer. If that doesn’t get the kid an A, I dunno what will.

Meanwhile, over in Plymouth, Massachusetts, a goat farmer and shepherd was tired of coyotes preying on his flocks, so he hired some security. No, not a person. Not even a dog. Phil Cronin got himself a guard donkey. I’ll avoid any political allegories here, but I will point out that Mr. Cronin might have made a wise move in acquiring Paikea — those critters can be real bad asses.

And right here in Manchester, the reputed owner of a popular watering hole is under arrest. It seems that Jose de Jesus Hernandez, who says that the Cinco De Mayo night club is his, might have skipped a few minor details on his way to fame and fortune — like coming to the United States legally in the first place.

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