Sorry the blogging is a bit slow. We have been up and down a lot with technical trouble. Glenn Reynolds is having trouble with his remote connection as well. I lost an earlier post with results of the Strickland win in Ohio. Now I am watching the Virginia results come in showing Allen leading. Since only 10 percent of the vote is in it doesn’t mean much though.

Update: CNN is showing Webb with a slim lead in Virginia with 27 percent of the precincts reporting.

Update II: Josh Manchester is liveblogging results.

The most recent result I saw for the Foley seat in Florida showed Mahoney leading by 3% with 18% of precincts reporting.

Allen is back up slightly in Virginia.

Update 9:00: We are back online. I agree with Kim’s comments above — that really does suck.

The race that most in the room are really wanting to see results for is Allen – Webb. I am really wanting some info on the Steele race. It looks like Corker is going to win easily.

In probably the most closely watched (only watched) race for D.A. in the country, Mike Nifong has won.

Lieberman has beat Ned Lamont.

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