Heartbreak of the Night — Cardin Beats Steele

[Update: Not so fast baby! Cardin was ahead in the real results back when 1% or precincts were reporting. Now (11:30) that 48% of precincts are in, Steele is up by 16,000.]

Cardin has been declared the winner over Steele evidently based on exit polls since the last results I saw showed only 1% of precincts reporting. This one is my heartbreak of the night. Even though he never did pull ahead of Cardin in the polls, he consistently picked up momentum, and I really did think he would pull off the win.. As I have said in the past though, win or lose, Steele is a winner. He has been competitive in a state that is really tough for Republicans and has made inroads with black voters as well. His campaign was almost flawless and his innovative campaign ads and his performance in the debates particularly were incredibly impressive. Steele has shown himself to be a star on the national stage and I have no doubt that we will be seeing a lot more of Michael Steele.

Update: I don’t know how likely it is that the Steele call was made on faulty exit poll results, but I will be thrilled if that one was called wrong.

Update II: The Washington Post has pulled back their call for Cardin! Fox News has not yet done so, but is discussing it.

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