Iraqi Judge Ousts Ramsey Clark

Michelle Malkin has the story:

BAGHDAD – The judge presiding over the trial of Saddam Hussein and seven others on charges of crimes against humanity ejected former U.S. attorney general Ramsey Clark from the court on Sunday for insulting the tribunal.

Clark, who heads an international team of lawyers involved in the defence, was ejected at the start of a hearing at which Saddam and two aides were convicted and sentenced to death.

The judge, Raouf Abdul Rahman, ejected Clark because he had sent a memo to Abdul Rahman including the accusation that the tribunal was making ‘a mockery of justice’.

The judge told him in Arabic: ‘No, you are the mockery … get him out, out.’

Abdul Rahman then shouted in English: ‘Out! Out!’

‘You come from America and ridicule the Iraqi people,’ he said.

Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit reports that Iraqis watching the proceedings on television cheered when Clark was ejected from the courtroom. Ramsey Clark puts on the front that he’s a protector of human rights, but the Iraqis see right through the facade and know exactly who he is: a terrorist sympathizer.

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