The Outcome Is Still In Your Hands

My column today is about how the outcome of Tuesday’s election is in your hands. In spite of what you may have heard, not only have the votes not all been counted yet, but most votes have not even been cast yet. I voted yesterday using NC’s early voting option and turnout was incredibly low. Please don’t sit this one out! Even in places where the races appear to be already decided one way or the other, there are other people on that ballot that need your vote. Here in NC we have judges, school board, and local representatives and senators on the ballot. Don’t let them down.

I devote a good part of the column to listing some ways the media has worked for Democrats to move public opinion polls. From a brief survey of the morning “news” chat shows, I see they are still at it, too, and that is why the new media must swarm all over the NYT’s story today about Iraqi nukes. Spread the word, then get out the vote!

From my column:

“Democrats have offered no positive plan for America and without the assistance of an all too-willing-to-oblige media I believe they would be behind in the polls. The media can move the polls, but they can’t drag anyone’s bottom out the door to vote. Regardless of how the polls say people intend to vote, it doesn’t count unless those voters expend the energy to cast that vote at their polling place.

Voters still hold the power to determine the outcome of the election and in many, many races, as Scott Elliott of Election Projection reminds me, the margins are razor thin. In these final days leading up to the election, don’t let those in the media decide who is going to win or lose. Make that decision for yourself by casting your vote and by helping to “get out the vote” of others. Volunteer for your local candidate or party, or use online tools such as the excellent one provided at the RNC website that allows volunteers to make GOTV calls from home. Don’t stop working until the final vote is counted, because the outcome really is in your hands.”

If you haven’t already done it, click on the RNC link above and get busy.

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