Heads Republicans Win, Tails Democrats Lose

The Republicans are in a win/win situation -if- they seize control of this story.

If the New York Times story is correct (as I said below) that means George Bush invading Iraq saved us from a Saddam having nuclear weapons TODAY.

If the New York Times story is wrong, this is yet another attempt by the media to use a bogus news story to sway the election. (Dan Rather, Al Qaqaa)

My fellow Republicans -all of you- bloggers, talk show hosts, pundits, cable news guests, elected officials etc; now is not the time to play defense. If you have to make a comment on this today, hit them and hit them hard.

If the New York Times wants to pull a November Surprise and try to sink Republicans, I can think of no better outcome then to have it backfire because they provided us proof Saddam was a year from developing a nuclear weapon.

Remember, offense, offense, offense. This only helps us -if- we help ourselves.

Related Update: I’ve read just about every word in the blogosphere on this story and this is the best post for laying the whole thing out on the table.

The Outcome Is Still In Your Hands
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