Why we fight

On occasion, I will succumb to a rather dangerous logical trap: to conflate an argument with the person who is making it — or, more often, opposing it. If I don’t grasp an issue, I’ll sometimes look at who is on which side, and see which I tend to find more repugnant. “It has the right people pissed off” has been a factor more than once in my decision-making.

But most of the time, I really try to look beyond the arguers and arguments over an issue, and decide it strictly on its own merits. I believe I do that with the war in Iraq, and my continuing belief that it was the right and necessary decision.

I don’t give a faded fart about the “official” arguments and statements. To me, they are all extraneous to the core issue: was it the right decision? Does it remain the right decision?

I think it was, and I think it is.

John Weidner, apparently, feels much as I do, because he’s assembled a rather remarkable list of reasons why he believes as he does. He hits pretty much all the same points I have made, and several I haven’t, and puts them together in a single compact, concise, clear package. 13 items, each captured in a single paragraph.

Go. Read. Comment there, or here, or both. But John presents one hell of a case.

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