Where's the fast-forward button?

One week from today, the elections will finally be held. And it can’t come soon enough.

I have a good sense of the absurd. I appreciate and enjoy the surreal. I liked “Ally McBeal” in its early days, and love “Scrubs.” But the way the campaigns are going, I am reminded of the old rule that truth is often stranger than fiction, because fiction has the burden of having to be believable.

Here in New Hampshire, we have a couple of interesting races. Our incumbent governor is running on a “no sales tax, no income tax” platform, and has an ad showing his opponent saying we might need to raise the tax on gasoline. The governor is a Democrat, his challenger a Republican.

We have a congressman running for re-election who is touting his environmental record, his pro-choice position on abortion, his role in the ouster of Tom DeLay, and his incredibly low score from the American Conservative Union. Charlie Bass is a Republican.

And in one of the uglier Senate races, some folks are thinking that this picture could swing the tide, because, you know, these days two hot blondes making out is such a turn-off and icky and gross.

I had a brief consolation that the insane shouting will be over — for a little while — in just a week. And then I realized that it would quickly be replaced by insane whining.

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