I think just about everyone else has commented on Kerry’s crazy comment but me. I have been busy with a school Halloween party today and trick-or-treating tonight and have yet to get my sugar-filled kids to sleep. I don’t know what else can be said, really, but I did want to share my husband’s reaction. He is a Marine Corps vet. When I repeated what John Kerry said about those who don’t study hard and smart being sent to Iraq, he just stared at me in dead silence with a look of disbelief. He was momentarily speechless. Then he said a few things, which I won’t share here. The silence and disbelief is what I remember most though. I am still trying to believe Kerry said it myself. And it is even harder to believe his refusal to apologize. If it were true that those who were not so smart were the ones being sent to Iraq, John Kerry would probably be on his third tour there by now.

Update: Josh Manchester, also a Marine vet, has an interesting post about a family that received a call of condolence from Kerry for their son’s death the day before he made the now infamous statement. They think he needs to do more than apologize.

Update II: Thanks to New England Republican for plucking their “quote of the day” from this post.

Update III: Blackfive reminds us why John Kerry is still an “asshat.”

Look! It's John Kerry! . . . oops, no, that's Elvis . . .
Quote Of The Day - Kerry's Coattails Edition


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