Happy Halloween

The picture above is of a pumpkin my husband carved over the weekend.

Here is my Halloween roundup including a few scary politics links:

Speaking of scary, look at how easily CNN turned Jim Webb’s novel passages into a story about Lynn Cheney’s novel passages.

At the Examiner, I look at politics in the context of all the horror flicks that have been on television this month. Speaking of horror flicks, John Hawkins lists his top 50 favorite.

Last year this poster was popular. I find it every bit as relevant today, perhaps even more so. This could be the scene for those in the party that come out on the short end next week.

Halloween fun stuff:

Childhood political Halloween costumes. I love this one — “Ross Perot (1992 — 12th grade): My younger sister was James Stockdale. She walked behind me looking confused and we both carried charts showing the state of the economy. Even with this clear portrayal, we still had to explain who we were more often than not. Oh, the ignorant electorate!” Read them all.

Fun pumpkins on parade.

Here’s a cute Barney (the dog, not the dinosaur) Halloween picture from last year.

Okay, this one is not “fun”, but no Halloween post would be complete without the story of a bizarre pumpkin catapult accident.

Update:Scary — Rosie O’Donnell.

Not scary — Mary Katharine Ham looking and sounding not a bit scary on Larry King Live.

John Kerry's Opinion of our Military Men and Women
Where's the fast-forward button?


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