"Do You Want Us to Win?"

Lorie wrote a great post about Lynne Cheney handing Wolf Blitzer his rear end live on CNN the other day. In case you haven’t seen the video, watch it here:

Only days later Bill O’Reilly went on Letterman and asked David Letterman the same question. Of course, Bill couldn’t get a straight answer (video courtesy of Ian at Hot Air):

Not only do Blitzer and Letterman need to answer the question, but al Reuters, the Associated (with terrorists) Press, the New York Times, USA Today, the rest of the terrorist sympathizing media, and the lefty moonbats like Murtha, Sheehan, et al should answer it as well. Do they want us to win? Or would they prefer America lose the war on terror? And by the way, yes, the war in Iraq is part of the war on terror.

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