Finally, Some Common Sense in Florida

The last we heard, a Florida court ruled that the GOP could not post signs saying that a vote for Mark Foley is a vote for Joe Negron. Well at last, we have some common sense coming out of that nutty court system.

The First District Court of Appeal ruled that signs can go up saying a vote for Foley is a vote for Negron, if they also say a vote for Mahoney is a vote for Mahoney.

The appellate court both upheld and reversed parts of the lower court which granted an injunction stopping signs from being posted in polling places in counties in the 16th Congressional district.

The order prohibits the Secretary of State from posting its signs, which only mention Negron for Foley. The Judges said those signs “suggest favoritism on behalf of the Republican candidate.”

And amazingly enough, the Democrats are not appealing the decision.

I chuckled when I saw Joe Negron’s campaign slogan: Punch Foley for Joe.

If the Democrats Were in Charge
Mary Katharine Ham on CNN


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