The Washington Post, Caught in a Webb of Bias

In addition to sounding something more like what John Mark Karr would write than a U.S. Senator, the resent release of Jim Webb’s writings on incest and pedophilia further exposes the horrifically biased coverage of this race from the Washington Post.

And I’m not the first to notice:

Macaca Business
The Washington Post vs. George Allen.
By Stephen Spruiell

Even by the usual standards, the Washington Post’s coverage of the Virginia Senate race between incumbent George Allen and former Secretary of the Navy Jim Webb has been remarkably one-sided. Since mid-August, the Post has published approximately 100 newspaper articles and editorials about allegations that Allen is racist. To counter such obsessive coverage from the region’s most high-profile newspaper, the Allen campaign has dredged up a number of politically incorrect comments from Webb’s past. The result? One of the nation’s most promising political races has degenerated into a mudfest. …

As the campaign got dirtier, the Post exhausted every conceivable angle in order to keep the “macaca” story in the paper. First, it sought out the professional grievance groups (“For One Group, ‘Macaca’ Recalls Slurs After 9/11”). Then, it compared Allen’s woes to those of other (Republican) politicians (“Comments Haunt Another Senator; Montana’s Burns Joked About Latinos”). Finally — two weeks after the incident — the Post profiled Macaca himself (“Fairfax Native Says Allen’s Words Stung”).

Allen responded to the Post’s “macaca” drumbeat with more allegations that Webb had made un-PC remarks of his own. This time, Allen seized upon an essay Webb had written in 1979 titled “Women Can’t Fight” in which Webb expressed his strong opposition to women in combat. The Washington Post gave this story the headline, “Va. Senate Race Goes Negative on 1979 Essay” — as if the Webb campaign hadn’t already gone negative by milking the “macaca” incident for weeks.

The whole thing is a must read, the overtly overt bias will astound you.

What is even more disturbing is the last of effort on the Post’s part to look at far more serious allegations against Webb that have been in circulation for a month or more:

Virginia’s Senator Allen suffers from double standard on racism
By Larry Elder
Senator George Allen [R-VA] seemed a lock for reelection. That is, before the “stunning” revelation that, as a college student in the 1970s, he used the “N” word. …

Let’s play who’s-the-racist-and-what-is-the-statute-of-limitations.
Consider the allegations that Allen’s Democratic opponent, Jim Webb, also used the “N” word. According to former acquaintance Dan Cragg, while a freshman from 1963 to 1964 at University of Southern California, Webb used to drive through Watts, a predominantly black area of Los Angeles, pointing rifles and shouting the “N” word at blacks. Moreover, Webb, a published novelist, liberally uses the “N” word in his work. Examples: “They want stupid n*ggers, they’d all pay to see a dumb*ss n*gger.” — “Fields of Fire,” p. 302. “Don’t know why I crave watermelon the way I have over the past few weeks. Jimmy says I must have a n*gger in the woodpile.” — “A Country Such As This,” p. 34.

It’s like looking thru the looking glass….

Allen’s gets accused (by admitted Democratic partisans) of using the word ‘nigger’ in the 1970’s and the Post goes wild… Webb gets accused of pointing rifles at blacks -a far more serious charge- and the Washington Post is strangely silent.

As the saying goes, “There’s no standard like a double standard.”

It will be interesting to see what the WaPo does with these new revelations. Will they follow them up and do any reporting on thier own? It’s not that hard…

As Lori pointed me to, John at RWN has been all over the book excerpts for weeks. I found some additional disturbing quotes tonight that will be making their way out shortly. (that frankly make Webb look truly sick)

Will the Washington Post write 100 stories and editorials on Webb and his demeaning comments on women and his predilection for pedophilia?

As long as he’s still a Democrat, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Postscript: As of this writing, the Washingotn Post has written 166 stories and editorials referrring to the macaca comment. And to think back in August, The Post’s own Howard Kurtz declared the macaca story over. How naive Howie, how naive.

Update: How fitting… On the front page of this morning’s Washington Post was this glowing tribute to Webb, where they go out of their way to give him cover for his 1979 Washingtonian magazine article about women in combat. I wonder how they’ll defend his writings tomorrow.

So biased it’s pathetic.

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