Lynne Cheney Calls CNN On Pre-Election "Reporting"

Good for Lynne Cheney. She didn’t give CNN a pass on their pre-election excuse for reporting.

Lynne Cheney, wife of Vice President Dick Cheney, strongly criticized CNN Friday for its “Broken Government” series of specials in the run-up to the November mid-term elections and for its airing of tapes of snipers shooting American soldiers in Iraq.

In an interview with Situation Room anchor Wolf Blitzer, Cheney said the network’s Vote 2006 specials contained “terrible distortions of the president’s and vice president’s positions on many issues.”

She suggested CNN was working from Democratic talking points, and took issue with the negative tone of the title “Broken Government,” suggesting it betrayed CNN’s bias and countering that the administration had inherited a recession, been through some tough times like 9/11 and Katrina, but that the economy was healthy. “That’s not broken, ” she said, “this government has acted very well… I shouldn’t let media bias surprise me, but I worked for CNN once [with Crossfire, according to Blitzer], and I was troubled.

Blitzer said the series was “probably” meant to be provocative, “to get people to think, to get people to discuss these issues.”

Cheney turned the tables on Blitzer, becoming the questioner: “what is CNN doing running tapes of terrorists shooting Americans,” she asked more than once, repeating a question CNN had been asked: “Do you want us to win?”

“The answer is, of course, we want the United States to win,” said Blitzer. “We are Americans.” Blitzer said airing the footage was not terrorist propaganda but “reporting the news. This is what we do… We make no apologies for showing it.”

I am not surprised. I used to watch Lynne Cheney on Crossfire and she never failed to speak her mind. As for that “Broken Government” series, I didn’t see it, but heard a promo sometime in the past week and was flabbergasted by the extreme and blatant bias — especially in that it was being run just before an election. It is hard to shock me with media bias, but that one did it. I don’t recall the exact wording, but the promo said in so many words that the government is a complete disaster and in the program they were going to look at why it is such a mess.

Blitzer went on in the interview to ask Lynne Cheney about Jim Webb’s comparisons of his novels to scenes in hers. She said that he was “full of baloney.” Watch the video in its entirety. I am really wishing now that in the past election we could have had a debate between the “second ladies.” I know that Dick Cheney isn’t running for President, but might Lynne Cheney consider it?

They did finally get around to discussing Cheney’s new childrens’ book, 50 States, and it will definitely be on my Christmas list.

Update: One reader misunderstood my statement, “As for that “Broken Government” series, I didn’t see it, but heard a promo sometime in the past week and was flabbergasted by the extreme and blatant bias.” I guess I should have said “extreme and blantant bias of it (the promo)” to be more specific. He thought I was referring to the program (or series of programs) which I did not see. That is what was so breathtaking. Usually you have to watch the program to get the bias. CNN went above and beyond by cramming a blatantly biased message into the promo itself.

Hugh Hewitt calls this interview the latest October surprise.

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