Australian Mufti Won't Quit Until The World Gets Rid of the White House

The Australian mufti who said women who don’t wear their veils are asking for rape says he won’t quit until “the world is ‘clean of the White House.'”

From Australia’s

After emerging from Friday prayers at Lakemba Mosque today, Sheik Hilaly was asked by a media pack whether he would quit over a speech in which he said scantily-dressed women invited rape.

“After we clean the world of the White House first,” the sheik said.

Supporters of the sheik cheered and applauded loudly at the comments, which were directed firmly at US President George W Bush.

The sheik has previously described Mr Bush, UK Prime Minister Tony Blair and Prime Minister John Howard as the axis of evil.

Despite calls from within the Islamic community for his resignation, Sheik Hilaly has been assured he has the support of grass-roots Muslims, a supporter said.

And Hot Air notes that Sheik Hilaly can’t be deported because he’s an Australian citizen. From Reuters:

[PM] Howard said Hilaly, who courted controversy two years ago by glorifying martyrdom and calling the September 11 attacks the work of God, was now an Australian citizen and could not be deported.

Was he allowed to become a citizen after he made his “9/11 was a work of God” statement? Unbelievable. Now that he’s an Australian citizen, he can inflame all the misogynistic, anti-Western, kill all the infidels sentiments he wants without fear of being sent back the stuck-in-the-stone-age country from which he came.


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