Pride goeth before a fall

Earlier today, I indulged myself and did the kind of posting I try to shy away from, and talked about how great New Hampshire is. I should have known that karma would turn around and promptly bite me in the ass, because it did — in spades.

When I’m on the highway, I have fun spotting vanity plates, and trying to decipher them. New Hampshire only recently expanded our plates from six to seven characters, so getting your message across within those limits can be difficult.

A while ago, when planning his escape from Massachusetts, Bruce held a contest for what should be his vanity plate once he settles in. I won with “XMASHOL,” telling him that he might sneak it past the DMV by explaining it is a celebration of the X-Mas Holiday. I sincerely doubted it at the time.

After today, though, I’m starting to wonder if Bruce ought to go for it anyway. Because I saw a vehicle with this on its plates.

I’m hoping the driver has an utterly innocent explanation for it, and I’m hoping that the DMV was either having a bad day or something when they let it slide.

There’s a process where people offended by license plates can complain and, possibly, have it revoked. I’m not going to do that myself, but I would not be the least bit surprised if someone else does.

Poor Katie


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