Let's give them a fair trial, then hang 'em

Yesterday was a bad day to be a liberal.

First up, it was revealed that the outing (and resignation) of former congressman Mark Foley (R-FL) was done at the hands of a staffer for the “Human Rights Campaign” (one of the George Soros-backed groups with lofty names that keep springing up like cockroaches, and that will be struggling for a purpose to exist once George Bush leaves office), who had done the outing while on the clock at HRC, and apparently used HRC computers and other resources to take down the incumbent sleazeball.

Next, ACORN (the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) was accused of submitting literally hundreds of fraudulent voter registration cards in Missouri. This is the same ACORN (another group backed by Soros, oddly enough) that was accused of pulling the same shenanigans in Ohio, Minnesota, North Carolina, and Virginia in 2004.

It never fails to amaze me how so many on the Left can repeatedly accuse Diebold of rigging elections without solid evidence, yet conveniently whitewash and forget about incidents like this. I guess it’s OK to commit election fraud on the retail level, but bad to possibly steal an election wholesale.

Now, normally, I’d say that fine, we caught the bad guys, let’s fire ’em, prosecute them if necessary, and then just move on from here. But that’s old thinking. In the light of the Tom DeLay and Mark Foley examples, among countless others, there is a new ethical standard to be upheld.

In that light, I am calling for a full federal — perhaps even Congressional — investigation into both HRC (no, not Hillary Rodham Clinton, Human Rights Campaign) and ACORN, as well as demanding the immediate resignation of the top leaders of both groups. Either they knew about and the misdeeds of their underlings and covered for them, or they should have known and were inept and negligent in not knowing.

In all seriousness, this matter should give HRC a serious black eye, and destroy any credibility they’ve managed to buy over the years. ACORN, however, should be thoroughly investigated. I had nearly forgotten about ACORN’s history of shady voter registrations, always explained as the misdeeds of some “misguided volunteers and employees.” They need to be looked at, and looked at hard.

I (heart) Cow Hampshire
Staffer Who Orchestrated Foley Scandal Is Fired


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