Democratic Underground Refusing to Cooperate with Secret Service Investigation

The Secret Service is investigating two DU posters for, apparently, making threats against someone in the administration. I don’t know if it was President Bush who was the target of these posts, and the DU isn’t talking. Now the secret service has asked DU for the posters’ personal information, and the DU told them to go suck a peach (well not in those words, exactly, but you get my point). This is the DU’s stand regarding the whole situation:

The inquiries involved three posts by two separate visitors to our website. Incidentally, both of the people in question were banned last week — before we were aware that the Secret Service was looking into their postings. I’m not going to go into the details of the posts in question, except to say that all three of them would have been covered by the passage from the Democratic Underground rules that I posted above. (One of these posts was deleted by the moderators, two were not.)

The United States Secret Service has asked Democratic Underground to hand over any identifying or personal information we have about the two individuals in question.


The administrators of Democratic Underground take the privacy of our visitors very seriously. Even though the two people in question had already been banned from our website, we will not hand over any personal information from them or from any of our visitors unless we are legally compelled to do so.

After talking with the Secret Service — who were polite and professional throughout — we immediately contacted our lawyer to get his advice (as we always do whenever a legal issue arises). We will continue to consult with him throughout this situation so we can ensure that our rights and your rights are protected. On the advice of our lawyer, we have declined to voluntarily hand over any information about the two individuals in question. That is where matters stand at this point.

The Secret Service has informed us that they intend to get subpoenas in order to compel us to hand over the information. If and when they do, we will consult with our lawyer before we do anything.

And as the far left commenters at the DU are wont to do, they are blaming it all on right wing trolls from inside the RNC trying to discredit the DU. As if the DU needs any help.

Hat tip: Hot Air

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