Mozilla Firefox 2.0

If you haven’t downloaded Firefox 2.0 yet, do it now. One thing I love: it has a built in spell check. I downloaded my new version yesterday morning, and later, when I was writing a new post here at Wizbang, I noticed that if I misspelled a word, a little red underline appeared below it. When I right clicked on it, I was given a number of choices to pick from or the option to enter the word into the dictionary. I thought it was a new feature that Kevin installed at Wizbang and was going to write to thank him.

But when I wrote a post earlier this morning at my personal blog, I got the same spell check. So, this new feature wasn’t coming from Wizbang but from my Firefox 2.0 browser. Very cool.

I’m sure there are a number of other new features to Firefox 2.0 that I have yet to discover, but this one is great.

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