U.S. Soldier Kidnapped

Violence in Iraq will continue to get worse until the November elections. The terrorists are very media savvy and are determined to influence our elections. They may succeed thanks in part to all the help they get. I don’t know whether or not this latest news from Reuters is a part of that plan, but in all likelihood it is related to their overall strategy. I only pray this soldier does not suffer the same fate as those previously kidnapped and used for terrorist propaganda.

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – A U.S. soldier was reported missing in Baghdad on Monday, the military said.

The soldier, part of a multi-national division in the Iraqi capital, went missing at about 7:30 p.m. local time, the U.S. military said in a statement.

“Coalition and Iraqi Security Forces immediately responded to attempt to locate the soldier, the search is ongoing,” the statement said.

Update: On the subject of all the help the terrorists have been getting spreading their message, check out the video of Duncan Hunter on Wolf Blitzer at Hot Air. I can’t stress enough what an incredible job Rep. Hunter did in this interview. Please watch it.

Update II: The AP has additional information about the kidnapped soldier in this report.

Update III: Laura Lee Donoho and I almost always seem to be on the same wavelength — she is asking if CNN knows where the soldier is.

Blue Star Chronicles notes the following from the AP report:

An employee at Baghdad’s al-Furat TV, which was raided by American forces earlier Monday, said the U.S. forces conducting the search told him they were looking for an abducted American officer of Iraqi descent.

The employee said U.S. soldiers and Mouwafak al-Rubaie, the government’s national security adviser who went to the station during the raid, told him the missing officer had left to join family members in Baghdad’s Karadah district.

The officer’s wife, also an Iraqi-American, was reportedly in the capital visiting family, according to the reports passed on by the al-Furat employee. He refused to allow use of his name fearing retribution.Beth at Blue Star Chronicles comments, “If the Officer has been kidnapped, then God help him and help those who are looking for him. If he is AWOL, then God help him if he is found by the Soldiers looking for him and putting themselves in danger to come to his aid.”

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