A culture of death?

This morning’s Boston Globe has another sob story about how horrid things are for the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

But every time I start feeling sympathetic towards the Palestinians, they find a way to remind me that they don’t really want sympathy, and certainly don’t deserve much.

The article discusses how Israel has proven to be a bit of an obstacle in helping the Palestinians. Not only has Israel cut off all assistance, but has put up roadblocks (often literal ones) towards others doing so.

The proper response to this is not suprise or dismay, but “well, duh.” The Palestinians freely chose to elect Hamas as their legitimate government, and Hamas is at war with Israel. There are terms for giving aid and comfort to a declared enemy of your nation. When it’s an individual, it’s “treason.” When it’s a government, it’s “suicide.”

There are those who say that the Palestinian culture is a “death cult,” far more obsessed with death and killing and revenge than in survival and growth and progress and life. I’ve often thought that a bit extreme, but I’m starting to wonder if it has more than a grain of truth.

When Israel completed its pullout from the Gaza Strip, they left a lot of things behind. The most notable was a set of high-tech greenhouses. The original owners had intended to take them down and bring them back into Israel, but a group of philanthropists (including Bill Gates) bought the greenhouses and turned them over to the Palestinians, without any strings or conditions.

And what happened to these greenhouses, these buildings made for growing food, these high-tech shrines to life?

The Palestinians promptly attacked them, looting and destroying them.

And now they have completed the perversion, converting them fully into shrines of death.

I’ve often denounced aid to the Palestinians, saying that it would be wasted at best and converted into more and more deaths at worst. These photos show that, if anything, I was too optimistic.

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