Dem Staffer Accused of Leaking Identified

Yesterday Jim Addison blogged about the Democratic staff person who was suspended for leaking national security informaton. The identity of that Dem staffer has now been revealed.

The aide was identified by other congressional officials as Larry Hanauer. The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of a pending investigation into the leak, said Hanauer had held positions with the departments of Defense and Homeland Security before joining the professional staff of Democrats on the House intelligence panel about two years ago.

A spokesman for Harman said Hanauer was not available to comment. His attorney, Jonathan Turley, expressed anger that Hanauer was named in news reports Friday and said there was no evidence the aide leaked the intelligence report.

Turley wrote to committee leaders, “When a staffer can become fodder for politics in this way, it discourages qualified people from seeking to join public service.”

Other Democratic aides said Hanauer was familiar with rules surrounding classified materials and said they were skeptical he would leak information.

The Squiggler has a good roundup, as does Michelle Malkin, who points to some scandals no one is talking about — including how Jane Harman retained her position as top Dem on the House Intelligence Committee.

I am with Macranger:

This is going to get good. “Democrat Spies on the House Intelligence Committee during a time of war”…..

Foley who?….

I doubt this will get anywhere close to the amount of coverage Foley is still getting (all these weeks later), and the headline written by the MSM will never come close to Macranger’s, but this issue obviously has bigger implications to the safety and security of American citizens than Foley’s instant messages. Especially since Foley is gone, but Harman is still there. Unfortunately, sex scandals, even ones that don’t involve actual sex, provide better material for the late night comics than national security does.

Update: Flopping Aces is connecting the dots.

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