A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing, Part II

Amy Ridenour at The National Center Blog continues her series Huffington Post Beware: A Little Knowledge Is A Dangerous Thing, Part II. Here’s a portion:

I’ve already shown in the first post of this series that in some very important ways the American system outperforms the single-payer systems of Canada and Britain, but let me throw a bit more cold water on the idea that “single-payer systems work and they save money.” In Canada, currently 1.2 million people are unable to find a family doctor due to shortages. According to Dr. David Gratzer, a few towns each year hold lotteries to see who gets to see the doctor. And if you have the time, check out this teaser for a documentary about the Canadian health care system that shows, among other things, a woman named Diane Gorsuch, who had appointments for open-heart surgery cancelled twice and died of a heart attack before her third appointment.

In Britain, about 61,000 surgeries are cancelled each year. This results in circumstances like what happened to Mavis Skeet, whose cancer became inoperable after her operation was cancelled four times. And, of course, there are the waiting lists, which resulted in Brian Booy becoming the ultimate victim of bureaucracy in that he finally got an appointment for his bypass surgery a year after he had died from a heart attack.

Read the rest of Amy’s post. It’s an especially good one.

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