So, I Guess It's Good-Bye Then

RightWingSparkle has decided it’s time to leave blogging. She will be missed, but she has determined that she needs to get back to the volunteer work that had previously been her purpose in life:

When I discovered blogging it was a way to share my political views and my faith. I never had a tip jar or asked for money because just you reading me and giving me a voice was all I needed to write.

But after the Houston Chronicle asked me to blog and then Michelle Malkin asked me to video blog at HotAir, I realized that this blog had become more about me than about what was important to me.

The times in my life when I have been the happiest have been when things were about others and not about me.

So I have to go.

I know this is abrupt and I apologize for that.

But there is a world of need out there and I need to get back to it.

God bless all of you .

God bless you, Kathleen. You did great work.

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