US Sees Indications that NoKo May Be Preparing a Second Nuke Test

ABC News reports:

ABC News has learned that U.S. spy satellites over North Korea have picked up suspicious vehicle movements near the location of last week’s nuclear test.

Officials told ABC News they cannot be sure what North Korea is up to but say it could be preparations for another nuclear test.

For several days, the North Koreans have threatened to conduct another nuclear test.

Just because the first go around fizzled doesn’t mean the second one will, if there is a second one.

Greg Tinti:

For the record, I hope North Korea does test another weapon. Not only will another test mean one less nuke in the hands of Kim Jong Il but it will surely piss off the already pissed off Chinese. And the angrier the Chinese are at North Korea, the better since China’s the only country that can really put a world of hurt on Kim Jong Il. They’re (allegedly) talking about regime change now. Perhaps another test or two would move that discussion in the right direction.

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